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Customized Lessons

Do you need an instructional unit that you don't see? Just ask!

K-12 Teachers

All units are based in state academic standards and common core standards.

Home School Parents

Reading comprehension, activities, study guides, tests, and answer keys!

Literature-Based Units

Units are based on award-winning literature and nonfiction books. Cross-curricular tie-ins!

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The Ultimate Instructional Units
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What is Curriculum Aids?

Curriculum Aids is a company for teachers and home school parents created by an educator with more than 20 years of experience in curriculum development. As an instructional designer, I understand the time and monetary investment it takes to create teaching materials. With the ever growing demand of standardized testing and extra non-teaching duties, teachers struggle to develop meaningful lessons that both meet the standards and relate to the learners.

Curriculum Aids is here to help! Our units are literature-based. This means that we use a piece of fiction or non-fiction, usually in the form of award winning novels or books, to create comprehensive cross-curricular units based on state academic standards and common core standards. These units include reading comprehension questions, activities, vocabulary, study guides, unit tests, and of course, answer keys!


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